unmasked beauties

What if we all take down our masks? Moments, when we truly see there is no beauty in disguise. Through the melting moments, in which we see beyond  boundaries and find unity under the powerful imaginary diversity of being seen authentically,  to show our pure beauty. 
naked, pure, unedited, imperfect. 

#unmasked beauties

if you can´t find something,
 where to fit in, 
create something new… 

#unmasked beauty is a low budget  photoproject, driven by imperfection, 
creating an environment and atmosphere, where we can take down our masks and limitations, fears and doubts.
 It invites us to question our cultural perceptions, our definition of what beauty is or not, our understanding and ability to see real beauty.

The beauty of the essence of being beautiful, 
The beauty and essence of being beautiful, 
is unity in variety, a melting moment, in that space in between the lines,that breaks the  borders of uniformy and sameness…

Unmasked Beauties in melting moments, 
in which we see beyond be boundaries and find unity under the powerful imaginary diversity of being seen authentically.

May we all find courage and inspiration to be simply how we are, with a smile from the heart, a sparkle in the eyes.  

When we look outside, 
to find inner peace, 
we find the importance we place on appearance.  
When we look inside, to find our outstanding being,
 we will come in touch with how we truly feel about our authentic selves.

We are surrounded and  manipulated by pictures of us by the Media all the time, around the clock. Within a moment and a click, the legs are lengthened, the bulge around the bellies removed, the hair is shining, the teeth whitened, for the brightest smile.
On Social Media, we spend so much time creating an image of ourselves, that´s not accurate [possible?]. In a single moment in hopes of a casual “like”, we capture ourselves in the image of our cultural programming. In the hope of fullfilling our natural desire to belong to somewhere and to someone.
Economics speaks to us through advertisements and make us worry about ageing in order to sell us in the next moment the perfect anti-ageing-moisturizer in the beginning of our 20ties, early enough, to start to hunt the eternal, youthful, beauty. 

what, if we loveourselves when we get naked?
Free from fears, 
with our wrinkles around the eyes, and happy about each single moment, 
we experienced and being alive …