#Unmasked  Beauties is an ongoing travel project …

In the last years, I met more and more critical thinking ladies, open to share our feelings of frustration and anger about the way we are displayed in media, which society norms and cultural standards we have to approve, to be called beauty.

Now, Years of yearning later the Water, the so called, femine Element plays an important role in the project, as I met all the ladies involved so far, through our passion for water, the love of the freedom and the quietness, the love to water, that washes away our fears, our doubts and hold space to drop down the masks, covering our authentical being.

Strong characters, colourful lifestories, shared moments of intimacy of pure being, captured only with an  iphone and minimal photoedits. The idea, finding the courage to find the beauty in the imperfection, Inspire as much people as needed, to make a significant change of courage to look to our own innerbeauty and create space for an authentival diversity of our beings. At the break of dawn, we can notice the beauty that arises from reducing and removing the importance of those things. Hopefully as the day unfolds we turn this beauty into something new…

For Workshops with Aquativ Bodywork, Movement & Creativity please contact me!
The workshops are e a pure experience to dive deeper to the essence,  to question norms and create our own lines, within we find our beauty.
≈≈≈ See you one day soon in the water <3 ≈≈≈